Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Walk in the Park

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving just happens to be my favorite time of the year. Our family has always been very close knit and I love spending time with them.

Although spending time with family never gets tiring for me, I do love the moments when my Hero (my Hubby) and I can steal away together. This past weekend we went for a walk at Red Clay State Park. The air was cool, the sun was shining, and the sky was the most gorgeous shade of blue. The trail was covered in leaves that crunched with our every step. We walked hand-in-hand taking pictures here and there, all the while laughing, and talking together. It was wonderful! Walking/hiking with my husband has always been my idea of the perfect date....and yes, I still melt when he takes my hand in his.

The weather has been so unusually warm, that the roses my husband gave me are still blooming.....in November! It did freeze last night and they are turning brown around the edges, so I thought I'd better take some pictures just for proof. They smell wonderful too! I'm also posting pictures of the park. Hope you enjoy!

                        This is the paved trail around the Park's cabin, barn, meeting place etc....

  These steps lead down to the spring. You can see to your right the water. There are leaves covering   some of it, but it is a large spring surrounded by a horseshoe shaped, steep embankment. The water is          crystal clear and 18 ft deep. To the left of the walk is the creek that is fed by the spring.
                                    The creek. It's a great place to wade in the summertime!

              The place where council meetings were held. This is where the Trail of Tears began.
I wasn't the only one admiring this rose!