Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Memories of A Washboard

When I was a little girl....ahem.....a while ago, I lived on a beautiful farm in a big, white farmhouse that was over a hundred years old. We had a lot of chores on the farm (naturally), but my Mother would always try to make them fun. I especially remember warm, sunny days out in the backyard washing doll clothes with my little sister on an old washboard. My Mom set out an old washtub filled with sudsy water, and my sissy and I would spend many fun hours washing our "babies'" clothes. I can still see my Mom showing us how to scrub the little doll clothes and then ring them out to dry. She had a little clothesline just the right size for me and my sis to hang clothes on. Oh how I loved those afternoons spent in childish "grownup" play. And oh how I love the memories of hanging up our little doll clothes while my Mom was hanging up our clothes on her clothesline just a short ways away from us!

photo by Pam Davis

My Mom was very wise. She taught us the art of doing laundry without us even knowing she was teaching us. We just had fun while Mom was busy hanging our clothes out to dry. Mmmmmmmmm......I can still smell that fresh-off-the-line smell.

Source unknown

by Paula Ebner

Source Unknown

Happy Laundering!