Sunday, August 11, 2013

Memories of My Childhood

When I was a little girl, this is where my family attended church. It is a small country church surrounded by farmhouses and fields. Our home was at the end of the road and just a short walk from the church. My brother, sister and I attended school here in the back part of the church. It was the original church building, the front part was added years later. My parents always sat in the back pew and I would fall asleep under the pew ahead of us, all curled up in my blankie that my aunt had made for me.
I attended first and second grade here and was surrounded by mostly family. There were my sister and I, some of my cousins and a couple of children not related to us. Nine in all if my memory serves me correctly. We had a lot of fun here. The swings out back were huge and situated on a small slope, so that when you swung high, you were able to jump out of the swing and feel like you were flying through the air. We built forts at the corner of the church property, made from mud, rocks and tree limbs. One of our favorite games was Capture The Flag.
Some of my relatives still attend this little church and when I visit, it brings back memories of a very sweet childhood. It was here I held my Mother's hand as we sang "Shall We Go For A Walk Today?" and walked through a path that had flowers on either side and stuffed animals peeking out at us. I was so little, I remember feeling as if I were walking through a jungle of artificial flowers. I loved going to Sabbath school, and I am so grateful to my Mom for teaching us at an early age to love Jesus. Don't we have a Wonderful, Loving Saviour?!!