Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Loss of a Friend

Dear Friends,
It has been forever and a day since I've written last....but I am determined to be more faithful. A lot has happened since my last post. My muscles are a little weaker, we got a little Aussie shepherd puppy 2 days ago (my husband is still pondering over the right name for him), and both our children have now joined the ranks of college young people. I am very proud and excited for both our kiddies. My prayer is that in everything they choose to do, they will place God first.

Earlier this year, I was saddened to attend the memorial service for one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met. Her name was Caitlin, and her life was a living testimony to the love Our Heavenly Father has for us. I met Caitlin when I was teaching nursing clinicals for a Christian University. She was very shy and unassuming at her first clinical. But what I remember the most about our initial meeting was her sweet smile. It could melt the heart of the toughest patient...and it did many times!:D The more I got to know Caitlin, the more she etched upon my heart the importance of loving Christ. I think anyone who reads this and knew Caitlin, will understand what I mean. You couldn't know Caitlin and not be affected in some form or fashion of the love she had for her Saviour.

We lost touch after she graduated, but I was SO happy when last year our paths crossed again at my church. She and her Dad performed special music for us and did a beautiful job. We have a special time of prayer at our church, where anyone who has a special request, or a burden on their heart can come to the alter and pray. During that time, I slipped out of the pew I was sitting in and went up to where she was sitting. I placed my arm around her and when she recognized me she gave me a hug and we both knelt down together and prayed. After prayer, we hugged again and after the church service we had a chance to talk a little. She told me about the esophogeal cancer she had had. At the time the doctors believed she was in remission, but sadly, I learned later that that was not true. We exchanged phone numbers and I had meant to call her and invite her and her Dad over for dinner....we never got the chance. I am in pain every day and it is a struggle to do miniscule chores at times. However, it will always be one of my biggest regrets, not calling her. Death should never take young people. Even though, my heart grieves that she is no longer here, I am grateful to God that He knows what is best for each one of us. Caitlin in life, lived for Christ, and now, she is sleeping safe from all this world's troubles. We will see her again when Jesus returns to take us home. What a glorius day that will be! Until then, goodnight Caitlin.

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