Monday, January 24, 2011

Mission Impossible

 We have a very beautiful long-haired gray cat named Shasta. She resides outside. Shasta LOVES attention and will flop on her back when we come close to her so we can rub her belly. Sometimes I think she has a personality disorder because when my husband and I go for walks, she will often follow us like a dog. Our poor neighbor's beagles come over to our house and try to make friends with her. Alas, she will have no part of it; and quite decidedly will run them off with arched back, talon like claws and a hiss that could alarm even the most stalwart animal. Yes, Shasta rules our property with iron claw.

There is one thing our fluffy little kitty would like more than anything in this world. She would LOVE to be an indoor kitty. Often she will sit on the porch railing and scratch on the kitchen window begging us to come in. If the door is left open for any length of time she will bound into our home and twitch her tail as if to say this is her home and she belongs inside.
Yesterday my daughter and I were going over her homework when I heard meowing and scratching....again. We didn't think anything of it and continued with her schoolwork. The meowing continued, so my daughter got up to see what was happening. "Mom", she cried, "The meowing is coming from over by the stove!" "The stove?" , I repeated in disbelief. "It's coming from the vent Mom!", she said with furrowed brow. "Go get a flashlight". As the light shone down into the vent the light was met by two large eyes staring up at ours. Shasta! That crazy cat got underneath our home, tore open the duct work and crawled up through it only to get stuck just below the kitchen vent. My daughter quickly pulled the vent cover off and I grabbed the nape of her neck and gently pulled her out. Poor baby. She was wet, scared and quite embarrassed at being stuck in the duct work. Well what do you think? Did we allow her to stay inside permanently? Even though I have to commend the efforts of our gray ball of fuzziness, it was not enough to sway me. So for now an outdoor kitty she will have to remain. Although, I must say that we do give her day passes once in a while and she is very happy with them.

I hope that you enjoyed a day in the life of a very desparate cat. I will keep you posted of any further attempts at break-ins.