Friday, November 11, 2011

Deciding On Paint Trim

When H. and I were first married, our neighbors had goats....wandering goats. My husband and I (being avid animal lovers), thought they were very cute and loved to pet them. But then they started to wander up onto our porch. What is so bad with that? Well.......they started to eat the siding of our home! We have big chunks gone. It is quite an eyesore, even though H. has patched up most of the holes in the siding. I would LOVE to repaint our home, (at least our trim and doors). I've posted some pictures of different colors I like. As far as the goats are concerned? Our neighbors sent them away to a different home. 

I think this red cottage is my absolute favorite. It is really warm and inviting.

This home used a softer red with warmer trim. I love the details.

Doesn't this home remind you of Anne of Green Gables
I love the gingerbread trim and green shutters and door. Can I move in?

Our home is painted a yellowy cream just like this home. I like the green accent color, and I LOVE the flower box.

Hmmmm. Blue is nice too!

Which color do you like best?