Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm "Back In The Saddle Again" .... sorta

I know it's been ages since my last post. Things have been crazy around here. I've been getting weaker from the muscle disease I have. I've had to eat a big piece of humble pie, and allow my husband and children to push me in a wheelchair from time to time. I'm used to being a nurse and taking care of people, I don't like being on the other end. In January, I started having "seizure" like activity. I say seizure like because the only thing different about the episodes I have are that I am aware of my surroundings. Last week I had an epic one. My neurologists don't know what is going on. I thought it might be one of the medications I was taking, but turns out it wasn't. I have my doctors stumped once again. Well, I guess if I'm going to be a "patient" regularly, I may as well have a very rare disease not much is known about. It makes life more interesting!

We've been having unusually warm weather for this time of year and I already have daffodils and hyacinth blooming. I can't wait for spring! I have a lot of flowers to plant and rose starts to get ready for my sister, Mom, and niece. My very handsome, very wonderful husband, will be clearing away the weeds in the garden and planting soon (with our help of course). I can't wait for fresh tomatoes. We do have carrots, onions, Swiss chard, and the beginning of asparagus. I LOVE going out into the garden and picking what we need for meals. The fresher the better.

My children haven't been well. My youngest has headaches every day, sometimes very bad ones. My oldest has problems with her circulation. Her feet and hands can turn purple and get very cold. Her doctor doesn't know why, but her body is shunting blood to her organs for a reason. I'm taking her in to see what they can discover. She is anemic I know that, but something else is wrong.

I worry about my family. We never used to get sick, but we were vegan too. I know that has a MAJOR part in our health. I don't know why we ever quit, but we are going to go back to eating healthier.

Both our kids got their licenses this past year. I don't worry about their driving; they are very responsible. I do worry about all the careless drivers out there who don't seem to care for anyone but themselves. I pray that their angels go with them and protect them each time they drive.

My Aunt Betty died. She was a wonderful ray of sunshine in our family's lives and we will miss her.

I could tell you so much more, but I'm afraid I'd bore you silly. Anyway, I'm back and hopefully I'll be posting more photos and such soon.

Bye for now,